All charts and tables below reflect the data release on 9/17/2021 from the VAERS website, which includes U.S. and foreign data, and is updated through: 9/10/2021
High-Level SummaryCOVID19 vaccines (Dec’2020 – present)All other vaccines 1990-present US Data Only
COVID19 vaccines (Dec’2020 – present)
US Data Only
All other vaccines 1990-present
Number of Adverse Reactions701,561820,671559,462719,973
Number of Life-Threatening Events15,012 13,5878,4479,702
Number of Hospitalizations60,741 78,37731,48638,128
Number of Deaths 14,925* 9,0016,7565,112
# of Permanent Disabilities after vaccination19,210 19,5777,86312,422
Number of Office Visits110,838 42,969103,89441,674
# of Emergency Room/Department Visits80,337209,63470,087200,690
# of Birth Defects after vaccination 430 13929889
*Note that the total number of deaths associated with the COVID-19 vaccines is greater than the number of deaths associated with all other vaccines combined since the year 1990.


[Note that the single counts before 2020-11-29 are due to incorrect date data in the VAERS system]

[Note that COVID19 counts for years before 2020 are due to incorrect date data in the VAERS system (including 1 not pictured due to date in 1921)]

[1 COVID19 record not pictured due to incorrect date in 1921]

Chart using comparable 9 month periods, since Covid-19 vaccines have only been available for approximately 9 months:

Adverse Events

Note that 791 records for COVID19 were scattered throughout years earlier than 2020 due to incorrect date data in the VAERS system]

Chart using comparable 9 month periods, since Covid-19 vaccines have only been available for approximately 9 months:

[Note that 1626 records for COVID19 were scattered throughout periods earlier than Dec’20-Sep’21 due to incorrect date data in the VAERS system]


The slide below was taken from an FDA document from October 22, 2020 and provides a list of possible adverse event outcomes related to the Covid-19 vaccines.

The following table lists the number of adverse events found in the VAERS data which match the outcomes listed above:

FDA Listed SymptomTotal (Non-Lethal) Adverse EventsTotal Deaths
Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis672
Transverse Myelitis2200
Narcolepsy, Cataplexy1583
Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)2184769
Autoimmune Disease60118
Other Acute Demyelinating Diseases1431
Pregnancy and birth outcomes (Miscarriages)171452
Other Allergic Reactions13021
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation11740
Venous Thromboembolism11629708
Arthritis and Arthralgia/Joint Pain46331133
Kawasaki Disease271
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome36524

Vaccination Related Risks of COVID19 Vs. Flu

These set of figures compare the COVID19 vaccine to the traditional Flu vaccines.  ‘Risk of Death’ percentages depend on the ‘# of Vaccinations’ data, which is only approximate, and was pulled from the CDC’s report on Flu vaccination coverage for the 2019-2020 season, and from Our World in Data for the COVID19 vaccinations.

Covid19 vaccinations through 5/31/2021 vs. Flu vaccinations 7/1/2019 – 5/31/2020 (last complete flu season)

Vaccine Type# of Vaccinations[3] # of DeathsRisk of DeathPercentageDeaths/Mill.
Flu167,447,642[1]311 in 5,401,5370.000019%.19
COVID19167,733,972[2]5,3621 in 31,2810.003197%31.97
Risk of dying from COVID vaccine is 172.7 times greater than Flu Vaccine
Vaccine Type# of Vaccinations[3]# of Adverse Reactions Risk of Adverse Reaction PercentageAEs/Mill.
Flu167,447,6429,6701 in 17,3160.005775%57.75
COVID19167,733,972491,0041 in 3420.2927%2,927.28
Risk of adverse reaction from COVID vaccine is 50.6 times greater than Flu Vaccine

[1] number of flu vaccinations based on estimated flu vaccine coverage data from CDC and estimated population data from US Census. Yearly flu vaccination data covers a period of time from 7/1 to 5/31 of the following year.
[2] number of covid19 vaccinations based on estimates from Our World in Data [2] number of covid19 vaccinations based on estimates from Our World in Data
[3] Persons vaccinated with at least one dose.

Vaccine Data by Manufacturer

Manufacturer# of Deaths% DeathsAverage Deaths/Day# US DeathsUS Doses AdministeredAverage US Deaths/Mill. DosesDays since EUA approvalEUA Approval Date-
Janssen (JNJ)  988  6.62%  5.04 67514,750,93145.761962/26/2021
Unknown  44  0.29% 31370,437
Manufacturer# of AEs% AEsAverage AEs/Day# US AEsUS Doses AdministeredAverage US AEs/Mill. DosesDays since EUA approvalEUA Approval Date
Janssen (JNJ) 543207.74%277.14 50988 14,750,931 3456.61962/26/2021
Moderna28543640.65%1073.07270625149,044,965 1815.7326612/18/2020
Pfizer/Biontech36102351.41%1322.43237223218,872,070 1083.8427312/11/2020
Unknown 1471 0.21% 1203 370,437

Vaccine Data by Gender

Vaccine Data by Location


  1. Vaccine data (Covid-19 and other vaccines) taken from CDC’s VAERS website, located here:  VAERS data sets in the form of csv files are pulled down weekly and put into a database for reporting/analysis. Data files are available all the way back to 1990.
  2. Number of doses distributed for other vaccines found in NVICP Data and Statistics report here:
  3. Numbers for Covid-19 vaccines administered by manufacturer found here:
  4. Numbers for total Covid-19 vaccine doses administered found here:
  5. Numbers for Flu vaccine doses administered for 2019-2020 season found here:
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    1. I like the charts. They ell us a lot.
      Though, the most important chart is missing;
      Profits made by the vaccine companies.

  1. MMR is a combined vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella. As far as I know, they are no longer administered individually? MMR has been administered 116,647,585 times (see your source). Perhaps you should take out measles, mumps and rubella and use the combined MMR in your chart? What about FSME?

      1. Is there a reason there are no doses for measles and mumps shown (light blue lines) in the deaths per million doses chart?

  2. Why don’t they show this data on the news alongside COVID Case numbers and deaths. Very sad that my husband and i are the only unvaccinated in all our family members and we may have to witness them suffer these outcomes.

    1. The COVID deaths have been found inflated since last year, tagging any passing with COVID if they detected it in their system. Now with the vaccine the numbers are fudged, CDC openly admits any death in under 14 days of taking a stab is considered unvaccinated, so it’s worse much than this but we have no idea because the numbers are heavily skewed.

  3. Crimes against humanity.. Why would they mandate and try to make mandatory with data like this. And I’m almost certain it’s worst than this they aren’t reporting all deaths from vaccine.

  4. I would guess ~20% of American adults can even understand a log scale.
    I was a grad student teaching assistant/instructor of Chemistry. Our whole math education is crap. They can’t see the forrest for the trees.

  5. […] Almost two times as many people have died from Covid affects world wide in the last eleven months as died from all other vaccines in the 31 years that VAERS data has been collected (14,925 vs 9,001). There have been 701,561 adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines in eleven months. All other vaccines combined since 1990 reported 820,671. […]

    1. Son, it doesn’t matter. Don’t make people stupid with this BS.
      It’s not like they have a false choice between “dying of Covid” versus being coerced by governments into getting injected with this sick thing that makes crap grow inside of them and makes their blood clot up.
      If you feel so great about vaccines, I got a vaccine for you to orally consume right down here.
      If you insist on peer-pressuring people to get life-threatening treatments for something that has a fatality rate LESS than the flu, I got an idea for you– take all your boosters and hurry up and die of myocarditis and do us all a favor. Peace out

    1. Lei ha sbagliato. Quasi due volte sono morte a causa del’ vaccino per COVID , que tutti gli altri vaccini.

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