All charts and tables below reflect the data release on 11/18/2022 from the VAERS website, which includes U.S. and foreign data, and is updated through: 11/11/2022

High-Level SummaryCOVID19 vaccines (Dec’2020 – present)All other vaccines 1990-present US Data Only
COVID19 vaccines (Dec’2020 – present)
US Data Only
All other vaccines 1990-present
Number of Adverse Reactions1,463,068908,254898,029789,574
Number of Life-Threatening Events34,94214,79413,48710,112
Number of Hospitalizations183,61585,95771,61739,880
Number of Deaths32,220*9,992*15,3115,453
# of Permanent Disabilities after vaccination60,09921,52615,40413,298
Number of Office Visits212,82855,183175,77552,651
# of Emergency Room/Department Visits138,925215,148106,163205,347
# of Birth Defects after vaccination1,183206558112
*Note that the total number of deaths associated with the COVID-19 vaccines is more than TRIPLE the number of deaths associated with all other vaccines combined since the year 1990.


[Unknowns separated from All Other Vaccines for greater clarity; in a majority of cases the Unknowns are actually Covid-19]

[Vaccines not included above (due to n < 20 overall deaths): Adenovirus, Cholera, Dengue Fever, Encephalitis, Ebola, Lyme, Mumps, Pertussis, Plague, Rubella, Smallpox]

Adverse Events

[Unknowns separated from All Other Vaccines for greater clarity; in many cases the Unknowns are actually Covid-19]

[Vaccines not included above (due to n < 500 overall AEs): Adenovirus, Cholera, Dengue Fever, Ebola, Mumps, Pertussis, Plague]


The slide below was taken from an FDA document from October 22, 2020 and provides a list of possible adverse event outcomes related to the Covid-19 vaccines.

The following table lists the number of adverse events found in the VAERS data which match the outcomes listed above:

FDA Listed SymptomTotal (Non-Lethal) Adverse Events
for Covid-19 Vaccine
Total Deaths for Covid-19 VaccineTotal (Non-Lethal) Adverse Events for All Other Vaccines (1990-present)Total Deaths for All Other Vaccines (1990-present)
Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis234745230
Transverse Myelitis627684616
Narcolepsy, Cataplexy26643783
Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)57761606354156
Autoimmune Disease248936115417
Other Acute Demyelinating Diseases448787125
Pregnancy and birth outcomes (Miscarriages)4849149291450
Other Allergic Reactions2645421043
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation292936126
Venous Thromboembolism269491618713116
Arthritis and Arthralgia/Joint Pain864402952962679
Kawasaki Disease9027248
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome1010653697

Vaccination Related Risks of COVID19 Vs. Flu

These set of figures compare the COVID19 vaccine to the traditional Flu vaccines. ‘Risk of Death’ percentages depend on the ‘# of Vaccinations’ data, which is only approximate, and was pulled from the CDC’s report on Flu vaccination coverage for the 2019-2020 season, and from CDC’s Vaccination Trends in the US for the COVID19 vaccinations.

Covid19 vaccinations through 5/31/2021 vs. Flu vaccinations 7/1/2019 – 5/31/2020 (last complete flu season)

Vaccine Type# of Vaccinations[3] # of DeathsRisk of DeathPercentageDeaths/Mill.
Flu167,447,642[1]331 in 5,074,1710.000020%0.20
COVID19173,629,456[2]6,0441 in 28,7280.003481%34.81
Risk of dying from COVID vaccine is 177 times greater than Flu Vaccine
Vaccine Type# of Vaccinations[3]# of Adverse ReactionsRisk of Adverse ReactionPercentageAEs/Mill.
Flu167,447,6429,7351 in 17,2010.005814%58.14
COVID19173,629,456573,9071 in 3030.330536%3,305.36
Risk of adverse reaction from COVID vaccine is 57 times greater thanFlu Vaccine

[1] number of flu vaccinations based on estimated flu vaccine coverage data from CDC and estimated population data from US Census. Yearly flu vaccination data covers a period of time from 7/1 to 5/31 of the following year.
[2] number of covid19 vaccinations based on estimates from CDC’s Vaccination Trends in the US [2]
[3] Persons vaccinated with at least one dose.

Vaccine Data by Manufacturer

Manufacturer# of Deaths% DeathsAverage Deaths/Day# US DeathsUS Doses AdministeredAverage US Deaths/Mill. DosesDays since EUA approvalEUA Approval Date-
Manufacturer# of AEs% AEsAverage AEs/Day# US AEsUS Doses AdministeredAverage US AEs/Mill. DosesDays since EUA approvalEUA Approval Date
UNKNOWN MANUFACTURER8,9020.6%4,536751,357

Vaccine Data by Gender

Vaccine Data by Location

VAERS Weekly Publication History

Lag Time To Publish History

[Note that N-Acetylcysteine and Quercetin have 0 reported deaths]

Recall History


Alternative Covid-19 Therapeutics


  1. Vaccine data (Covid-19 and other vaccines) taken from CDC’s VAERS website, located here: VAERS data sets in the form of csv files are pulled down weekly and put into a database for reporting/analysis. Data files are available all the way back to 1990.
  2. Number of doses distributed for other vaccines found in NVICP Data and Statistics report here:
  3. Numbers for Covid-19 vaccines administered by manufacturer found here:
  4. Numbers for total Covid-19 vaccine doses administered found here:
  5. Numbers for Flu vaccine doses administered for 2019-2020 season found here:
  6. Numbers for FDA regulated drugs taken from FDA’s FAERS website, located here:

Other Important Posts

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One thought on “VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 11/11/2022”
  1. I passed out when I got my Covid shot (J&J) and the next day my body was covered in hives. They lasted about 24 hours and went away. Then a few months after I began getting itchy, mostly on the palms of my hands, but then started getting theses welts that itched madly. I thought they were spider bites for a while, until they continued to get more frequent, on a daily basis. I had pest control come and check my house for spiders, which he said I had none, but could be an allergy. So began the many Dr. visits and tests. By this time The welts were large, itchy and burning. I was referred to an allergist who said it was pressure hives. I was getting them in the muscle, which was really painful when in the bottom of my feet. But they would be on the back of my legs if I squatted down, the bend of my arm, the heel of my hand from working the mouse for my laptop or anywhere I scratched. The Dr had me taking lots of antihistamines which made me, bloated, depressed and I only wanted to sleep. I’m a dog trainer and was teaching 7 classes a week. This was debilitating as I was unable to teach my classes or plan events. This went on for a year. Then my Dr had me start taking the Xolair shot, which are very expensive. My insurance covered some of it and the rest is covered under the companies assistance program. However, this has been a lifesaver! The hives are gone 3 months now. I will have to take them for 6 months (once per month) and see what happens. Hopefully I can go back to normal, before the covid shot. My Dr says its not because of the shot, but for someone who never gets sick, but maybe a cold, I never get the flue shot or get the flue and have no other medical problems and only go to the Dr for annual check ups, something just doesn’t add up.

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