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  1. The currently fashionable adjective ‹dystopian› is the result of an ignorant misreading and should be avoided.
    The word’s source is the Greek title, ‹Utopia› (literally ‘Noplacia’), of a novel in Latin by St./Sir Thomas More, who formed the name of his imaginary island from the Greek words
    οὐ ‘no, not’ transcribed into the Latin alphabet as ‹u›, and
    τόπος ‘place’, transcribed into the Latin alphabet as ‹topos›,
    the two being run together to give ‹Utopia› ‘Noplacia’ and its corresponding adjective ‹utopian› ‘noplaceish’;
    but someone with only the barest smattering of Greek has confused οὐ ‘no, not’ with εὐ ‘well, good’,
    and thus produced, instead of the correct ‹utopian› ‘noplaceish’, the bogus *‹eutopian› ‘goodplaceish’,
    together with – and here more pertinently – its equally bogus antonym *‹dystopian› ‘badplaceish’.
    (The antonym of ‹utopian› ‘noplaceish‘ can only be *‹topian› ‘[some]placeish’.)
    Down with ‹dystopia/n›, which has been shown to cause dyspepsia and even dysentery.
    Where would we be without the Greeks?

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