Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Below you can see the distribution of reported adverse events related to the Covid-19 shots. Looking carefully, you can see that after the week of 4/4/21 the number of reported events clearly drops off a cliff. Given that they have not suddenly gone back to the laboratory and “improved” the safety of the shots, and that the number of shots being injected has been steadily higher or stable through the end of April, there is good cause to believe that all the data is not being fully released. I will not speculate on why that might be…it could be that they cannot keep up with the reports coming in, or that they are intentionally holding data back. Either way, if we are in the midst of the greatest experiment in human history, wouldn’t you think that someone at the CDC would ensure that reported adverse events are being processed and released in a timely manner for the sake of public health?

Updated chart (2/5/21 through 7/2/21):

Updated chart (2/5/21 through 6/25/21):

Original chart (2/5/21-6/11/21):

*NOTE: CDC explains on their website that VAERS data is available 4-6 weeks after a report is received. Therefore, they give themselves plenty of time to get reports released. However, they are still backlogged — the data implies they have a delay of 8+ weeks.

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