“A half-truth masquerading as the whole truth becomes a complete untruth.” –JI Packer

There needs to be a ‘swift and devastating takedown‘ of the CDC’s false narratives and gross misuse of VAERS.” –WayneTheDBA

The CDC’s official “safe and effective” narrative regarding the experimental Covid-19 shots is a house of cards built on falsehoods, deceptions, and propaganda. Seeing through the thick fog of deceit has been quite a challenge for many, as the art of manipulation and deceit by those in positions of power has been honed and refined over many decades. For those who have not investigated the government’s own data or have relied on the mainstream news for information, it has not been easy to separate fact from fiction. This is especially true in light of the unprecedented scale of psychological operations and propaganda techniques which have been unleashed in this 5th generation war against the heart and mind of a largely unprepared and complacent populace. Unfortunately, it seems the public has vastly overestimated its ability to discern truth from falsehood when it comes to the subject of Covid-19, the pandemic, and the warp-sped, no-liability, big-Pharma-bonanza shots.

One of the most successful psyop tactics deployed against the people thus far to provide cover for and deflect attention away from the vast and growing number of vaccine injuries and deaths, has been the use of the “limited hangout”. This is a term, likely invented by intelligence agencies, used to describe a situation in which a partial or limited public disclosure of the truth about a matter is revealed so as to pre-empt any deeper investigation. A former CIA agent has stated that it is a frequently used ploy by intelligence professionals “when their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.”

To date, every announcement or news release made by the CDC regarding safety surveillance as it pertains to the Covid-19 inoculations can be described as just such a limited hangout. The CDC has engaged skillfully in the art of deception with the use of partial truths masquerading as the whole truth in order to obscure a frightening reality: that the shots have caused immense and incalculable harm and death through multiple mechanisms of action with no end in sight. Rather than acknowledging the scope of the human tragedy that is happening right before our eyes, the CDC has instead periodically issued partial disclosures to feign diligence and conscientiousness in looking for safety signals and safeguarding public health. However, nothing could be further from the truth. As will be demonstrated with some examples below, behind every statement made by the CDC with regards to the adverse event monitoring of the Covid-19 products lies a much deeper and darker reality.

As a reminder, the PRR safety signal analysis using the VAERS data is the CDC’s own stated methodology for safety surveillance as defined in their Standard Operating Procedure from 1/27/21. The table below shows a list of the valid PRR signals for major categories of adverse events (including the CDC-defined “Adverse Events of Special Interest”, or AESI’s) when comparing the Covid-19 jabs to all other vaccines, in order of strongest signals to weakest (taking into account PRR magnitude and duration of signal). Note that in this table, we are using US data only and not stratifying by age or severity.

Triggered VAERS PRR Signals For Covid-19 Vaccine vs. All Other Vaccines (12/18/20-1/27/23), Using All Age Groups and Severity
Adverse Event
(* indicates CDC-defined AESI)
Age GroupSeverityAverage PRR
Date of First Signal# of Weeks Signal was Present

Any Form of Acknowledgement by CDC?
Date of CDC Acknowledgement
2Multiple Organ Dysfunction SyndromeAllAll9.752021-02-12103NoN/A
3Covid-19 disease (Vax Failure, VAED)*AllAll7.062021-01-07108NoN/A
4Acute Myocardial Infarction*AllAll6.952021-01-15107NoN/A
5Menstrual/Female Reproductive DisordersAllAll6.342020-12-18110NoN/A
7Stroke*AllAll6.292021-01-15107Yes12023-01-20 (see here)
9Multisystem Ages Inflammatory Syndrome*AllAll5.252021-01-29105NoN/A
10Myocarditis/Pericarditis*AllAll4.432021-02-1296Yes22021-05-28 (see here)
11Sudden DeathAllAll3.672021-01-22106NoN/A
12Alzheimer's DiseaseAllAll3.932021-04-1694NoN/A
13Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome*AllAll3.562021-02-1296NoN/A
14Coagulopathy*AllAll3.122021-02-12102Yes32021-04-13 (see here and here)
15Bell’s Palsy*AllAll2.562021-01-07108NoN/A
18Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseaseAllAll5.922022-04-2241NoN/A
19Suicide/Suicidal IdeationAllAll2.522021-06-0487
20Blindness/Vision LossAllAll2.212020-12-2498NoN/A
21Death*AllAll2.982021-01-1570Yes42021-05-06 (see here)
22Hearing LossAllAll2.112021-06-0487NoN/A
23Cardiac arrestAllAll3.062021-01-1559NoN/A
26Parkinson's DiseaseAllAll2.152021-03-0558NoN/A
28Anaphylaxis*AllAll3.472020-12-2417Yes2021-02-11 (see here)
1Only for bivalent booster and only in 65+ age group
2Only for mRNA shots, and mostly in male adolescents and young adults age 16+
3Only for only J&J shot for women 18-48 for CVST/TTP; paused for 10 days, then resumed on 4/23/21
4Only nine deaths acknowledged as causally linked to J&J shot due to CVST/TTP

As you can see above, while the CDC’s own PRR methodology has triggered at least 33 major safety signals, many of which have been present from very early on and have persisted to this day, only a few of these adverse events have even been publicly acknowledged by the CDC as possibilities associated with these inoculations. They did acknowledge Anaphylaxis close to the beginning of rollout, they acknowledged CVST/TTS for the J&J shot in April ’21, then also Myocarditis/Pericarditis in late May ’21, and most recently last month, also Strokes. Let’s address each of these.

Anaphylaxis is a well-known and acknowledged potential consequence of any vaccination. Pretty much everyone implicitly already knows this. As such, there was never a reason to deny that it could happen after the Covid jabs. The PRR signal for anaphylaxis first triggered on 12/24/20. The CDC acknowledged cases of this in their 1/27/21 ACIP meeting document (pg 27-30). Not much reason for the CDC to censor any information here, as anaphylaxis by itself has never caused widespread “vaccine hesitancy”.

On 5/28/21, the CDC announced (see here) that myocarditis/pericarditis was associated with the Covid shots, occurring mostly in males 16 and older. Given that the jabs didn’t reach wide circulation for all ages until around 4/19/21, this may seem to be a somewhat timely call on the CDC’s part. However, what the CDC recklessly failed to mention is that in addition to affecting the younger folks, the PRR safety signal for Myocarditis/Pericarditis had already been triggered in several other age groups, as early as 2/12/21: in the 40-49, 50-64, and with even stronger signals in the 65-74 and 74-85 age groups (these signals have continued and persisted to this day). Where was the disclosure and investigation on all this? Or is conferring heart problems and potentially euthanizing the graying and elderly supposed to be an acceptable cost of fighting the “pandemic”? This becomes utterly inexcusable, once we also consider the other life-threatening heart-related safety signals which triggered early on, such as Myocardial Infarction and Cardiac Arrest (both first triggered on 1/15/21), and which the CDC still has yet to acknowledge (except in reference to things like climate change, cold showers, gardening, and other things).

Most recently, the CDC announced that they were investigating possible causal links between the new bivalent shots and strokes in the 65+ age group. Considering that a PRR signal for stroke has been present since almost the beginning, first showing up in VAERS on 1/15/2021 and persisting to this day, this announcement is a sick joke and a slap in the face of anyone who has experienced a stroke after one of these shots. The stroke PRR signal has been present for each age class above 18 years of age, with the signals starting much earlier in the age groups above 40.

Finally, did the CDC acknowledge any deaths causally related to the Covid shots? Yes–but only in the most underhanded, inconspicuous manner possible– they made sure to hide it at the very bottom of their safety page, to acknowledge it for only a handful of deaths, and to only implicate the J&J shot, and for two specific symptoms only…and there’s a good chance most didn’t even hear about this. Here is a basic timeline from 2021 of how this limited disclosure took place:

  • The CDC vaccine safety page originally presented a full-on denial of any causal relationship between any reported deaths and any of the shots, despite the steadily growing death numbers in VAERS. The original relevant excerpt from their webpage said this: “A Review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths.(see here)
  • On April 13th, due to six cases of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia (CVST) associated with the J&J shot, there was a pause issued for this shot (see here). Even though one of these cases resulted in death, there was no admission that it was causally related. Note that the J&J shot was also eventually linked to Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) later on as well.
  • On April 23rd, the J&J shot was resumed (presumably after an “in-depth” investigation showing “Everything is Awesome”). (see here)
  • 13 days later, on May 6th, the “big” announcement (which you almost certainly didn’t hear about), was a small change to the CDC vaccine safety page, for which the relevant excerpt was this: “However, recent reports indicate a plausible causal relationship between the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine and a rare and serious adverse event–blood clots with low platelets– which has caused deaths.(see here) Do note that despite the Apr. 27, 2021 date on the webpage, this change did not actually occur until May 6th.
  • On November 10th, the CDC updated the vaccine safety page, indicating they were investigating cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome potentially associated with the J&J shot as well. [Note that a PRR signal for GBS for the new Covid-19 shots has never quite been triggered, perhaps due to the all-too-common association of GBS with previous vaccines, causing VAERS numbers large enough to suppress any possible Covid-19 jab related signal.]
  • On December 16th, the CDC issued a media statement essentially putting the final nail in the coffin for the J&J shot, in so many words, suggesting everyone avoid the J&J shot in favor of the mRNA shots. Meanwhile, the CDC vaccine safety page had been updated to reflect 9 deaths due to the J&J shot, up from 6 previously.

This must be one of the most grotesque examples of a limited hangout or cloaked disclosure EVER…essentially gaslighting thousands of documented deaths in VAERS and censoring them from the public consciousness. By the time of the 5/7/21 VAERS release date (without correcting for any of the poorly QC’d data) there were already 4,058 deaths in VAERS (1,815 Pfizer, 1,925 Moderna, 298 Janssen, 20 unknown). Did you know that in addition to CVST/TTS, at least 40 other specific symptoms in the Coagulopathy category were throwing up PRR safety signals at this point in time? What about all the other symptoms/disease states outside of coagulopathy which were also triggering safety signals and which led to many deaths? Do you honestly believe the CDC found no causal connection to the injections for any of these other deaths? Do you honestly believe only the J&J shot was to blame? Do you honestly believe they even investigated every single one of these VAERS deaths (as they were charged with doing)?

This unfortunately, was a masterclass in the art of deception via half-truths and selective disclosure, which resulted in practically the whole world believing a hellish lie about the safety of these new experimental products. Under the guise of conscientious safety monitoring, investigate a handful of deaths, but limit it to one or two specific symptoms and to a specific age group and/or gender, then pin the blame on the shot that is expendable (J&J the sacrificial lamb?), announce a pause “out of an abundance of caution“, then go ahead and resume the shot 10 days later (“Everything is Awesome”)…then 13 days after that, quietly change the vaccine safety page to reflect that this particular shot has caused deaths without any sort of larger announcement to anyone, but then…eventually throw it completely under the bus, in order to promote the alternative shots (mRNA), which thankfully, don’t have those problems, and are therefore much more “safe and effective”. Lo and behold…the wool is effectively pulled over the eyes of the sheep and none are the wiser.

The current CDC admitted death count is now nine, yes that’s right, a whopping NINE deaths (this is where it’s been since 12/16/2021 see here), and they are all attributed to the J&J shot. Contrast that with the 16,717 reported death counts in VAERS (34,122 if including foreign reports) as of 2/3/23. Aren’t you glad the CDC is watching out for your safety, by examining a handful of deaths caused by two specific causes, while callously ignoring any and all other possible deaths linked to the shots? Absolutely ludicrous.

Here is a more comprehensive chart showing the first triggered PRR signals for each of the major adverse event categories placed on a timeline, starting from the time of the initial jab rollout until the present. This time, instead of only looking at overall signals without stratifying by age or severity, we will display whatever age group and severity level which triggers the first available PRR signal. Doing so generates more signals than in the table displayed previously. In this chart, each bar is labeled with the date that the adverse event first triggered a signal, along with an indication of the age group (eg. ’50-64′, ‘All’) and severity (‘Serious’, ‘Non-Serious’, ‘All’) of the signal, and also the average PRR over the timeline for each signal (taking into account only the valid signals).

Ten observations about the above chart:

  • No fewer than 14 different PRR signals for major classes of adverse events first started flashing by the 1/15/21 VAERS data release date, about a month after the initial rollout of the experimental injections. 7 of them were identified as AESIs by the CDC in their SOP planning document. They include: Acute Myocardial Infarction, Anaphylaxis, Appendicitis, Bell’s Palsy, Covid-19 disease, Death, and Stroke. Other than anaphylaxis, the CDC never told you there was a risk for any of these other problems, did they?
  • Appendicitis is the strongest PRR signal by far, making its first appearance on 1/7/21 and then persisting for 750 days. Funny that no one’s heard a peep about this from the CDC…
  • At least 9 PRR signals are stronger than the much publicized problem of Myocarditis/Pericarditis, with each of these having a higher average PRR and longer persistence. Bet you also didn’t hear about this from the CDC. Where’s the disclosure?
  • The most persistent PRR signals started on the very first available VAERS reporting date after rollout (12/18/20), and have continuously persisted since. There are 3 such signals: Menstrual/Female Reproductive disorders, Tinnitus, and Dyspnoea. Interesting that the CDC still hasn’t acknowledged female reproductive issues associated with these shots, nor have they bothered to mention tinnitus.
  • Death has been present as a PRR signal since 1/15/21 (1/7/21 if just looking at the 50-64 age group). By any rational measure, a signal of DEATH should be the #1 priority for investigation by our public health agencies…yet besides the standard disclaimer that “Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem“, and the eventual limited disclosure of the nine deaths related to the J&J shot, all we hear from them on this are the the sounds of silence…what does this tell you about their concern for your health?
  • Several of the PRR signals appear for a while then disappear for a time, sometimes coming back, other times not. Some signals were right around the PRR threshhold of 2 and flipped back and forth between signal/no-signal a few times. Curiously enough, the death signal disappeared for roughly 8 months starting in June ’21, before returning on February of ’22 and subsequently persisting. Also, the Myocarditis/Pericarditis signal disappeared for a month and a half or so in April of ’21 as well.
  • “Died Suddenly” is not something that only began in late 2021 or into 2022. Sudden death has persisted as a PRR signal since it first started flashing on 1/22/21.
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (“mad cow”) has an average PRR in the top 10, but only made its entrance as a PRR signal starting on 4/22/22. Not much news on this one either, wonder why?
  • Cancer also made a fairly late entrance to the PRR signal convention, first showing up on 4/8/22 for the 65-74 age group. (When looking at all age groups and severities combined, cancer only started showing up as a PRR signal on 12/30/22). This is an example of the VAERS data later confirming the anecdotal evidence being provided by doctors on the ground regarding increased cancer rates as early as Nov-Dec of ’21.
  • There are a dozen or so adverse event classes that do not show up as PRR signals at all. Several of these were in the list of CDC-defined AESIs, such as Guillan-Barré syndrome or Meningitis, and perhaps this is an indication that these adverse events are so often associated with so many other vaccines historically that the background level of these adverse events is just too high a barrier to overcome in order to trigger a signal, even for the Covid-19 shots.

Lastly, below are three downloadable excel files with the same type of timeline of all the PRR safety signals, stratified by age and severity, to which you, the American public, is entitled to. The first one is for Covid-19 vs. NonCovid, the second one is for Covid-19 vs. Flu, the third is for Covid-19 vs. Shingles. Tragically, your public health agencies colossally failed to provide any of this. Rather than showing you how long PRR signals have been flashing and persisting over time, they have tried to sweep most of this under the rug, and only recently decided to provide a single snapshot of how things looked on 7/29/22, (and only after a fire was lit under their a$$e$ via FOIA requests, as was previously described in part III). Time and again the CDC has been caught obfuscating, delaying, misdirecting, and engaging in underhanded deceit. How many times does a liar have to lie to you before you stop believing anything he says?

The term “Predictive Programming” is used to describe a subtle form of psychological conditioning perpetrated by the “The Powers That Be” through the use of media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes, such that if and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiar with and conditioned to accept them, thereby mitigating any possible public resistance. While this technique is usually executed through movies, music, and the MSM news, it sometimes also takes on the form of written documents, such as books (eg. Schwab’s “Great Reset”) or public policy planning documents. If you are inclined to giving weight to such ideas, the SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 scenario planning document published in 2017 by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, is perhaps prognosticating what lies ahead of us in the near future. The document lays out a hypothetical scenario taking place over a 3 year timeline during which the world experiences an outbreak of a novel coronavirus (St. Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome), replete with high public anxiety, confusing and fear-based public messaging, contentious early treatment antivirals, downward revisions of the virus’ lethality, expedited experimental vaccines, and subsequent vaccine injury. It outlines the strategy for health communicators to best handle public messaging during a pandemic. Many of the events described in this document are eerily parallel to what has transpired during the Covid-19 pandemic which began in late 2019. The final two chapters of this document address the idea of “Acknowledging Loss”. By this point in the SPARS scenario, the negative public opinion has grown in response to Corovax vaccine injuries and the government’s perceived indifference to victims of the public health response to the pandemic. And as the tide is turning against the official narrative, a health official acknowledges: “Communities around the country went through what some felt was a harrowing public health emergency, only later to confront the possibility, however slim, that the medicine we promised would help them may in fact be hurting them.” The leaders at the CDC, FDA, and NIH confer with the President about how to “best frame the President’s remarks“, and whether it was “appropriate for the President to acknowledge the sacrifice that vaccine recipients had made on behalf of their communities or to console them in their grief over that sacrifice.” To top it off, in the the final paragraph of the narrative of this SPARS scenario it states that “As the investigations grew in intensity, several high-ranking officials at the CDC and FDA were forced to step down and withdraw from government in order to “spend more time with their families.”Exhausted employees of these agencies…simply wanted to put the whole response behind them“…and not “rehash the events of the past several years”.

Does this not sound like the movie that is already being played out right now in the theater of public perception? According to this scenario, those responsible for pushing the shots are going to try and whitewash this whole thing, to try and defuse the anger of those whose lives have been destroyed by finally acknowledging vaccine injuries, yet couching it in terms of the “great” and “noble” sacrifice that these people have made for the common good. They will then offer up nothing more than pseudo-apologies (à la Emily Oster), and hope to skate away into a comfortable retirement. Does this sound acceptable to you? Should it? Where’s the accountability?

There is no way the CDC could not have known that all these early PRR signals were present in the VAERS data if they had been acting responsibly in their duties as the safety watchman. The fact that they have admitted to deaths from CVST/TTS, and to cases of Myocarditis/Pericarditis, both of which are easily corroborated by the PRR signals from VAERS, serves as confirmation that the myriad of other safety signals present in the VAERS data are urgently in need of investigation and are almost certainly causing real human harm. Beneath the surface, there is an enormous iceberg of vaccine injury and death, but the CDC thus far has only shown us the tip poking through the surface. That they are attempting to whitewash what is happening through limited hangouts and selective disclosures only serves to highlight their gross misconduct and malfeasance, and they must not be allowed to survive this betrayal of public trust.

At this point, the perpetuation and propping up of this house of deceit built on half-lies which continues to cost people their lives and future health is an all-out criminal assault on the people of this country (and the world). The fact that they are deaf to calls to cease and desist the promotion of these shots and had even attempted to mandate them, implicates them in aggravated assault and murder with malice aforethought. Those responsible need to be held accountable…and they will be, whether in this life or the next.

Defund the CDC!!!

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