Here are some VAERS records which were recently erased from VAERS.

This record was removed from VAERS as of the 9/3/21 release. Breastfeeding leading to seizures…poor kid.

Two reports here, one for the child, one for the mother. Tragic loss of new life. Didn’t Drs. Wodarg and Yeadon petition the EMA back in Dec. 2020, warning about placental concerns related to the vax? This is the baby’s report, which was removed from VAERS as of the 8/27/21 release:

This is the mother’s report, which was removed from VAERS as of the 9/3/21 release:

This record was removed from VAERS as of the 8/27/21 release. Another tragic death. This one includes an impassioned plea to the CDC/FDA to investigate. Don’t hold your breath on that though. Good to see that at least some hospitals/docs are using the D-Dimer test and measuring Troponin levels to diagnose possible blood clotting issues.

This record was removed from VAERS as of the 9/3/21 release. “Double Trouble” with twins:

This record was removed from VAERS as of the 8/27/21 release. This is an example of vaccine failure — this person did not have antibodies to Covid-19 despite having been vaccinated.

This record was removed from VAERS as of the 8/27/21 release. Another vaccine failure — but this one based on contracting Covid-19 after being fully immunized.

This last one was removed from VAERS as of the 9/3/21 release. This one is sort of relevant today, 9/6, given the false news report which went viral earlier which denigrated Ivermectin and claimed that an ER in Oklahoma was full of patients who were damaged by overdosing on horse Ivermectin, and that some patients were even experiencing loss of vision. While Ivermectin does not have a reputation of causing blindness, we are seeing plenty of vision issues, blindness included, associated with the Covid jabs. To date, there are 1044 VAERS records for the Covid jabs which are tied to blindness as a symptom.

Just one more… this final one was removed from VAERS as of the 8/13/21 release. This one is included just to show how resilient and amazing humans actually are…God bless this woman for surviving death three times. Gives the phrase “Hard to Kill” a brand new meaning.

7 thoughts on “New Missing Persons Report: Notable Recent VAERS Deletions”
  1. Have you come across any remotely compelling analysis of the VAERS data that suggests the absence of causation? Because all I see everywhere is obvious propaganda: “someone once claimed he was turned into the Incredible Hulk!” “Correlation does not equal causation.” How is the burden not on the government and pharmaceutical companies to DISPROVE causation? How are they getting away with just not looking for causal links and then claiming there is insufficient evidence of causation? How is the majority of the medical profession going along with this, in flagrant violation of their Hippocratic Oath? What the hell is going on? It seems to me that the authorities simply do not understand the mechanisms of action in the mRNA vaccines, and are using their ignorance as a basis for denying sufficient evidence of causation. Have you come across any analyses that contradict yours that are not this sort of blatant propaganda? If so, please provide links. Thanks for what you’re doing here. This website is an oasis of sanity. I think. But who knows anymore? It’s hard for me to certify my own sanity when the medical industrial complex, the U.S. government, the mass media, academia, state and local governments, my friends and family, etc., are all vehemently pushing a view of reality different from my reading of the data.

    1. David, thanks for your comment. No there does not exist any compelling analysis of VAERS data (either by CDC or anyone else that I have seen) that suggests the absence of causation. In fact AFAIK, there are no analyses of the VAERS data at all from the “official narrative” camp. The only analyses being done are by independent people like myself…and we are all seeing the same thing…the VAERS system has been screaming that something is very, very wrong at least since February. The “incredible hulk” VAERS record only proves to us that VAERS does take steps to remove incorrect/faulty records, so we can reasonably conclude that if they haven’t removed all the death and destruction that is currently in the VAERS database (though we know it is vastly underreported) then the information is likely real and plausible, and at least temporally associated to some degree with the vax events. The burden of proof IS on the government and big Pharma to disprove causation and to show that the shots are safe and others have been screaming the same thing…however, since both groups are so corrupted (and have also corrupted and brainwashed the entire medical system and bought the entire MSM), no such fair and truthful analysis will ever be done by them. Our little subset of the data which is clearly presented on this website is horrifying enough…if and when this whole mess gets turned around and the criminals are brought to justice, and when the true numbers come out, there will be shock and awe.

    2. I know something! Why don’t you scroll up all the data you have or data you know about, linked to the proper sources and that way you can, make your case, a “counter argument” like it’s done, get ALL the data and Proof these people are all just fine, THAT’S a pretty simple thing to do, you theme the Id’s you have here worked out For you, go get it, all you need to do is type in the ID, if it’s wrong, OK thanks for the help, we all make mistakes but what you’re doing is for lazy people, the ones walking into the slaughter house, although you don’t sound really sheepish, you sound more like you better but the lazy sheep will say “see, debunked again” they dont know “the farm” actually exists, and if they would know they’d be like “yeah yeah farms are for sheep, do you think I’m that stupid” ? ?

    3. I went looking for the Bad events reports on the vaccine when I started to hear about clots and deaths. I found VAERs. The bad events and deaths on that original true
      Report, were frightening. And no doubt twice as many events happened as had been reported. Forward to the last few months those original, totals and numbers can’t be found.
      The Vaers site now, has a lot of academic data designed to make your eyes glaze over,Takes up pages of space but conveys very little. No clear list of VEARs.
      Before they changed it, the list was right there in the front, with simple figures.

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