The VAERS data is structured in 3 separate tables:

  • (1) the main VAERS table which contains the data we are most interested in regarding the adverse event,
  • (2) a related VAX table which tells us for each record in VAERS, what the actual vaccine taken was (eg. Covid19, Flu, DTAP, etc.)
  • (3) a related SYMPTOMS table which tells us, for each record in VAERS, what symptoms were associated with the adverse event. So for each record in VAERS, you could have zero or more symptoms listed in the SYMPTOMS table.

The main way to identify if a VAERS record is one which resulted in the death of the vaccine recipient is to check and see if the ‘DIED’ column has a ‘Y’ value. If so, it is counted as a death.

However, it has been observed that there are many instances where the VAERS record does not have a ‘Y’ in the ‘DIED’ column, but has a symptom in the SYMPTOMS table of ‘DEATH’. I don’t know about you, but to this humble observer, that symptom obviously indicates the vaccine recipient died. A standard search using the CDC’s VAERS site (or even any of the other publicly available VAERS search engines/tools) will not include these type of deaths.

So how many of these instances of ‘hidden’ deaths can we find for Covid19 vaccines (data from Dec ’20 through Jun ’21)? Answer: 98.

How many similar instances of ‘hidden’ deaths can we find for any of the other non-Covid19 vaccines cumulatively (data going all the way back to 1990)? Answer: 80.

A rough, back of the napkin calculation tells us that this equates to about an average of 188 hidden deaths per year for the Covid19 vaccines and an average of 2.6 hidden deaths per year for all the other non-Covid19 vaccines combined.

Perhaps the CDC needs to hire some more staff to properly QC the data?

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