There are some VAERS records which are only associated with the vaccine type ‘UNK’ — which stands for Unknown. Therefore, a standard search using the CDC’s VAERS site (or even any of the other publicly available VAERS search engines/tools), will not reveal these particular records as being associated with Covid-19 vaccines.

However, some of these records are likely related to the Covid-19 vaccines. A search can be done over the main descriptive text field (‘SYMPTOM_TEXT’) for all of these VAERS records (starting from Dec ’20 and onwards), using the following terms below:

  • ‘covid’
  • ‘mrna’
  • ‘pfizer va%’ and NOT ‘prevenar’
  • ‘biontech’
  • ‘bnt162b2’
  • ‘comirnaty’
  • ‘moderna’
  • ‘maderna’ [Note: some records misspell ‘moderna’]
  • ‘johnson and johnson’
  • ‘johnson & johnson’
  • ‘ad26.cov2.s’

Based on this method, how many ‘hidden’ VAERS records can we find for Covid19 vaccines (from Dec ’20 through May ’21)? Answer: 159.

How many of these ‘hidden’ records are deaths? Answer: 33.

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