10/10/21 UPDATE: Just noticed (albeit a few months late), that someone put this 2 year old’s death record back in the system YET AGAIN. In the VAERS data dump for 7/16/21, the record for VAERS_ID 1297169 appeared. The only difference between this and the other two original records seems to be that this record is identified as being reported from a foreign location, rather than from within the US.

Original Post:

While this site’s work is primarily to document the severity and scope of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines, we should never forget that these are not just figures and statistics that we are dealing with, but real people, like you and me, your children and mine, your parents and mine, grandparents, relatives, friends, etc., many of whose lives have been irreparably harmed or completely lost due to adverse reactions from the roll-out of this experimental jab.

Here is one very tragic case that should remind us all just how precious life is and just how careful we should be in protecting and preserving that life, using our God-given wisdom in all matters related to health, lest that life be snatched away in an instant.

GreatGameIndia.com published an article here on a 2 year old in the VAERS system. They submitted an inquiry to the CDC as to why a 2 year old would have been given this experimental jab back in February. What was the CDC response? They deleted the record.

The original record for this 2 year old girl from Virginia (VAERS_ID 1074247), first appeared in the weekly VAERS data release on 3/19/21. The details of her record are shown below, showing how she was vaccinated on 2/25 and passed away on 3/3/21. Her record subsequently disappeared from the VAERS system in the weekly data release on 5/7/2021.

Curiously, another record (VAERS_ID 1255745) appeared that same week, on 5/7/21, with almost the same details as the first record (but with a better writeup) — same age, gender, state, vax date, death date. The details of this second record are below. Notice that the description suggests that this girl was a participant in a study. So what eventually happened to this second record? Yes indeed, this second record also disappeared from VAERS, this time in the 5/28/2021 release. Is this the same 2 year old? Given the obvious consistencies between the two records, it seems very, very likely. Also, it would not be unreasonable to think that perhaps this second record was created as a response to the first record being deleted…What do you think?

Please take note what is highlighted in yellow.

Please lift up a prayer for this girl and her family.

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