There are numerous reports of suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and actual completed suicides in VAERS associated with the Covid-19 jabs. Of course a VAERS report does not prove causation but…well, you get the picture. As of the 7/30/21 data drop (data through 7/23/21), there were 326 reports mentioning suicide-related symptoms, along with 25 actual completed suicides for the Covid-19 jabs. For a broader perspective, all other vaccines combined since 1990 produced 414 reports mentioning suicide-related symptoms and 33 actual completed suicides. When you throw anxiety and depression into the mix, Covid-19 jab adverse events actually outnumber those of the other vaccines.

SymptomCovid-19 Vaccines through 7/23/21Covid-19 Vaccines Annualized AverageAll other Vaccines since 1990All Other Vaccines Annualized Average
Completed Suicides2537.5/yr331.03/yr
Suicidal symptoms326489/yr41412.94/yr
Suicide/Anxiety/Depression symptoms999014985/yr9060283.1/yr

Here are some depressing reports:

What’s that you say? All these suicidal ideations must only be happening in those who have a history of depression or suicidal ideation and couldn’t possibly be related to the jab, right? Have a look below:

While the jab may not always directly cause suicidal ideation, sometimes a horrifying reaction may produce symptoms that make you wish you were dead:

Tinnitus is not something often talked about, but if you listen to some online testimonies of people suffering from this particular symptom after the jab, you will hear about how debilitating the condition is and how the constant ringing, buzzing and hypersensitive hearing often leads to feelings of not being able to continue living. Here are some examples from VAERS:

Here is a perfect exhibit of how some reports are not even classified as deaths when they should be. This person is obviously no longer with us, yet the Death field=’No’, and the Symptoms field does not include ‘Death’ or ‘Completed Suicide’):

Oh, the horror…

2 thoughts on “Can the Covid-19 Vaccines make you suicidal? Is Tinnitus a big deal?”
  1. VAERS 1453698 says he got vaccinated on 3-5-21 but date of death is 3-1-2021…. kinda lost credibility here….How do you die prior to getting the vaccine??????????

    1. You’re going to need to try harder next time. Read the descriptive text of the VAERS Record more carefully: “On an unspecified date in Mar2021, the patient died, and the autopsy was not performed.”
      So without having the actual specific date of death, rather than leaving it blank (many date fields throughout VAERS are left blank), the submitter of the VAERS report likely just put in the 1st of the month.

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