Today, we will start with the CDC’s words regarding adverse events reported after the Covid-19 injection:

Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem. A review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines.”

Our official health authorities, the MSM, and the fact-checkers have “debunked” ad nauseum any claim that the VAERS system shows thousands of deaths due to the Covid-19 injections. Among other rebuttals, they may point to coincidence — that is, when you vaccinate millions of people, some of them would have died even if they had not been vaccinated. They may also point out that in older and more frail people, a significant amount of spontaneous mortality is expected. They may point out that VAERS also contains reports which are submitted by lay people or are riddled with errors and biases and is therefore an unreliable source of information. This article points out a perfect example of a VAERS record (VAERS_ID: 1478698) which would be used to discredit the VAERS system. This is what that record looks like:

Notice that they picked an elderly person who was 72 years old, they made sure that the date of death was nowhere proximate to the date of injection, and they chose someone who died from cancer, which is not (as of yet) something that is known to be directly associated with these jabs (though Dr. Ryan Cole may disagree). While this example may indeed be hard to establish as causally linked to the shots, are all VAERS records like this?

Could there perhaps be records in VAERS which describe younger people, whose dates of death are proximate to the date of injection, and who are in good health with no comorbidities? Could there be other records where a medical professional directly states that the likely cause of death was the jab? Common sense tells us that healthy, younger people do not drop dead in significant numbers due to coincidence. When numerous reports come out showing relatively young (under 40) and healthy people who are mysteriously dropping dead or dying in their sleep, or experiencing a sudden illness that quickly leads to death, the question everyone should be asking is: WHY? While there could certainly be a freak occurrence or two, this is not something that normally happens in younger, healthy people in numbers you would even notice. [As an aside, the sudden onset of an illness does not normally even kill a healthy younger person in a short timeframe. For example, the Covid-19 disease itself, has not proven to be extremely dangerous for the younger folks, as statistics already show here (see Deaths by Age Group section). These statistics reveal that Covid-19 deaths in the under-40 age demographic comprise only 2.1% of all the reported US Covid-19 deaths, while this group makes up 52.2% of the overall US population.] Also, could there possibly be reports showing doctors linking the death of patients to the injections, despite the pressure from hospital administrations to not report anything to VAERS and the threat of losing their livelihoods if they are not in falling in line with the “safe and effective” narrative?

To show that there are in fact records that do not easily conform to the “no VAERS death records are causally linked” narrative, we will now show the results of searching VAERS death records that fit three different categories: (1) VAERS death records where the patient is less than 40 years old, died within 30 days of injection, where there is a specific mention of the patient being healthy, and where there are no known comorbidities (not even ones like asthma, ADHD, obesity), (2) VAERS death records where the patient is less than 20 years old and where there are no known comorbidities, and (3) VAERS death records where there is specific mention by a professional that the injection is the likely cause of death.

Keep in mind that VAERS reporting is often sparse and short on details, and often there is no mention of a patient’s overall health and well-being, plus sometimes these things are simply not known at the time of reporting. Therefore, we need to remember that our search for healthy people will in no way be an exhaustive or complete list. One other thing to keep in mind is that we are excluding anyone who has any kind of health issue from the 1st and 2nd categories, when the truth is, someone with a minor health issue could very well still be deemed “healthy”. Further problems include the fact that the time between injection and death can easily be unknown for a large number of records due to missing date data, and the age field is blank for almost a quarter of all VAERS Covid-19 jab records (see here). All of this means that our results are likely significantly incomplete. But despite these caveats, the exercise still has merit and value and gives us a window into what kind of records really are in VAERS.

Here are our results:

Search parametersNumber of Covid-19 jab
Death Records found
1.Less than 40 years old;
Died within 30 days of injection (or not known);
Description mentions phrases like “healthy”, “good health”;
Eliminate any record with any comorbidity
2.20 years old or less;
Eliminate any record with any comorbidity
3.Description mentions HCP (or other) professional stating causal link is likely46
(Records which matched multiple categories were counted only once.)

Here are some of the records in our 1st category (age < 40 years old, died within 30 days (or not known), “healthy”, no other comorbidities):

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Here are some of the records in our 2nd category (age < 20years old, no other comorbidities):

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Here are some of the records in our 3rd category (died <= 30 days, professional confirms causal link):

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Now, if we revisit the CDC page we referenced earlier, we will see that the sentence that follows the verbiage quoted at the top of this post, states the following:

“However, recent reports indicate a plausible causal relationship between the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine and TTS, a rare and serious adverse event—blood clots with low platelets—which has caused deaths 

Clicking on the linked presentation shows us that the CDC admits that there are 3 deaths from TTS which are causally linked to the JNJ shot. So it appears that the most “intense safety monitoring” in history has discovered a whopping 3 deaths due to the Covid injections! What are the odds, that out of the VAERS death records we displayed above, not a single one of them is plausibly causally linked to the injections? Can you read every one of the records displayed above and honestly conclude that not a single one of them is causally related to the injection? Do you realize that if even one of them is linked, then the CDC is either lying to your face, or has their head stuck so far in the sand that they are completely useless in their role as a health and safety monitoring agency?

How many more “coincidences” need to take place before it becomes mathematically impossible that all the VAERS death records for the Covid jabs are merely coincidences?

Full List of results:

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