“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” –Winston Churchill

In a previous post last October, we gathered and published a subset of the VAERS death records which would be very hard for any reasonable person to dismiss as simply coincidental and completely unrelated to the Covid inoculations. That evidence directly contradicts the “safe and effective” narrative advertised by the CDC and incessantly parroted by the mainstream media. That evidence also calls into question the CDC’s official count of deaths which are causally related to the vaccines, which in the past 4 months, has increased from 3 to 9 (all from TTS after the JNJ shot), while the number of deaths reported in VAERS has mushroomed from 15,937 (as of the 10/1/21 release) to 22,607 (as of the 1/28/22 data release). [Also keep in mind that VAERS is likely under-reporting by a factor of anywhere between 44.64x-100x]. With death numbers like these in barely over a year of use, and when viewed in the context of the history of drug and vaccine development, the Covid inoculations truly seem to be a big Pharma concoction on steroids, towering a head (or more) above the rest of the field.

Even Vioxx, Merck’s FDA approved anti-pain arthritis drug released in 1999, which ended up causing heart attacks and strokes and was eventually recalled in 2004, was only associated directly with 6,634 deaths according to FAERS (though other estimates start at 55,000 and go even higher…much more on this later). When the dust settles for these experimental Covid jabs, our fear should be that the death and injury toll may have exceeded by multiple orders of magnitude the level of harm caused by any other medical intervention ever created by big Pharma.

In this post, we will again demonstrate that there are indeed many records in VAERS that are credible and strongly suggestive of a causal relationship and which essentially “blow up” the “safe and effective” moniker. We will aim to show all the records that fit the same criteria which were used in the previous October 4th post. Namely:

(1) VAERS death records where the patient is less than 40 years old, died within 30 days of injection, where there is a specific mention of the patient being healthy, and where there are no known comorbidities (not even ones like asthma, ADHD, obesity),

(2) VAERS death records where the patient is less than 20 years old and where there are no known comorbidities, and

(3) VAERS death records where there is specific mention by a medical professional that the injection is the likely cause of death. (Also, note that while many records leave open the possibility of causation using phrases such as: “Based on the information provided and plausible temporal association, the causality between the suspect drug and the events … cannot be completely excluded”, in this category, we are actually looking for stronger, more direct statements linking vaccination to the cause of death)

[Note that we will not repeat showing any records which were captured in the previous October post, but rather anything which has shown up in the system since that time.]

As before, keep in mind that VAERS reporting is often sparse in detail and a lot of data is often missing (such as age data and vaccination/onset date data). We are in no way claiming that this is an exhaustive list of the best evidence that VAERS can offer. Rather, we are using some fairly restrictive search parameters to find a small and manageable subset of records which serve to illustrate that there are highly credible death reports in VAERS which demand thorough investigation before anyone dismissively claims that the shots are unquestionably safe and have caused little to no harm and that there is no need for any concern.

Here are our results:

Search parameters Number of Covid-19 jab
Death Records found (data through 1/21/22)
Numbers from previous 10/4/21 post
1.Less than 40 years old;
Died within 30 days of injection (or not known);
Description mentions phrases like “healthy”, “good health”;
Eliminate any record with any comorbidity (exclude even things such as asthma, ADHD, obesity)
2.20 years old or less;
Eliminate any record with any comorbidity (exclude even things such as asthma, ADHD, obesity)
3.Description mentions HCP (or other) professional stating causal link is likely3246
(Records which matched multiple categories were counted only once.)

The full results are available as an excel file at the very bottom of this post. A few noteworthy observations about the records found:

(1) We found many more records in the 20 years old and younger category than we did from the previous October post. This timing certainly lines up with the FDA approval of the injections for 5 to 11 year olds back in late October of last year and the simultaneous push to get all youngsters vaccinated.

(2) It appears that more frequent and detailed autopsies are now being done. This is a good thing and should have been happening from the get-go when these experimental injections were first rolled out. We will hopefully revisit the topic of autopsies in a future post, but an older post on autopsies is here.

(3) All of the records, with the exception of one, for category 3 (wherein a medical professional deems that a causal link is likely) are foreign records. Is this a sign of data suppression of US based death records (ie. removing and not publishing any records where a doctor actually states causality)? Or that VAERS intentionally removes language from any US record that suggests causation and replaces it with boilerplate language that suggests no causation or non-assessibility (eg. “This event(s) is considered unassessable”) prior to publishing? Or could it be that US doctors or HCPs have been threatened with and fear retribution and have thus backed away from making any statements that suggest causation? Any of these could be plausible scenarios.

Here is a sample of some of the records in our 1st category (age < 40 years old, died within 30 days (or not known), “healthy”, no other comorbidities):

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Here are some of the records in our 2nd category (age < 20years old, no other comorbidities):

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Here are some of the records in our 3rd category (died <= 30 days, professional confirms causal link):

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Now, let’s finish up the history lesson we started earlier regarding Vioxx. In 2007, Merck paid out $4.85 billion dollars to settle a class-action lawsuit claiming 55,000 deaths as a result of the Vioxx disaster. You can read more about it here. However, one diligent investigator, by the name of Ron Unz, studied the national mortality rates between 1999-2004 and determined that there was a sudden increase in deaths in 1999 (year of Vioxx launch) followed by a sudden and unexpected decrease in deaths in 2004 (the year of the recall), and that during this middle period, there could have been as many as 500K excess hidden deaths that coincided with the widespread use of Vioxx among the elderly. Since this story sets the context for the remainder of this post, please read below the original piece written by Unz for the American Spectator in May 2012 (starting with the title: “Chinese Melamine and American Vioxx: A Comparison”):

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[original article available here]

The most unsettling hypothesis regarding the whole Vioxx story, is captured in this one headline: “When Half a Million Americans Died and Nobody Noticed”. If you’ve read and understood the Vioxx fiasco story, yet still can’t see the obvious parallels to today’s Covid inoculation catastrophe-in-the-making…then you aren’t paying close enough attention: A big Pharma company knowingly markets and sells a dangerous product whilst burying the raw data and evidence of harm, science is turned into “marketing support” via fake ghostwritten studies, big Media serves as a willing accomplice in lockstep, lots of people get injured and die (primarily the elderly, whose remaining life expectancy is such that it is hard to prove any given drug has a causal relationship to premature deaths), the product eventually gets recalled when the evidence of death and destruction is undeniable, FAERS shows 6600+ deaths, a lawsuit eventually claims 55K deaths (though Merck only acknowledged 3,468 deaths), the FDA promises to “do better” next time, and finally, it takes an independent investigator to uncover that the true death toll could have been half a million…a jump of two orders of magnitude over the FAERS number and…nobody seems to notice that much and the Vioxx story more or less goes into the dustbin of history.

But the show goes on, and here we are once again, and over the course of 2021 big Pharma has again run the same plays from its usual tried and true playbook. This time we have several bad actors, each with its own knowingly dangerous biologic product, once again marketing them as perfectly safe. Fake studies have been ghostwritten to disparage and condemn any alternative treatments. Big Media is serving as bought-and-paid-for cheerleader for big Pharma. Important clinical trial data and evidence is being suppressed or slow-walked to delay the public from finding out the true dangers, and the FDA isn’t showing any urgency to “do better” and be the transparent regulator it claims to be. VAERS already records 22K+ deaths, the eventual class action lawsuits when these experimental injections are recalled (in 2022) could easily claim 220K+ deaths, and worst of all…will the true death tolls end up being 220 million or even much, much more? Will we even notice?

They say that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So the million dollar question today is: Can and will we, in this moment in time, look back and learn the hard lessons from history, so that we can stop what is happening right before our eyes? Or are we destined for a future headline which states: “When Half a Billion World Citizens Died and Nobody Noticed”? Let’s pray that it isn’t so…

How many more “coincidences” need to take place before we put an end to this once and for all and break this savage cycle of “PharmacoVigilante” history?

Full List of results:

15 thoughts on “The Best Evidence of Vax-Related Deaths in VAERS Part II…and a history lesson courtesy of Vioxx”
  1. Merck was not the only company fooling around with trials. Pfizer did the same with Trovan. See link in “mainstream media “ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/wikileaks-and-a-failed-secrecy-bid-push-pfizer-to-settle-fatal-drug-test-case/

    Here’s a more recent article from 2021, by Michelle Malkin. https://peckford42.wordpress.com/2021/10/05/pfizer-covering-up-the-truth-with-out-of-court-settlements-worth-billions-of-dollars/
    The stated message in the article is: “Remember, parents, that the pandemic profiteers who stand to gain unprecedented, multi-billion-dollar windfalls from endless vaccine boosters administered cradle to grave around the world have the most terrifying man-made immunity ever created: immunity from liability for their corner-cutting, life-endangering business model.
    Parents: Protect your children at all costs from Big Pharma so your children’s lives don’t become costs of Big Pharma doing business.

    1. Yonason, you are absoutely correct, Merck is not the only one…they have all had, at best, questionable track records when it comes to honesty, transparency, and integrity regarding the products they want to sell to you or inject into you. It would not be unreasonable at all to expect by default that a big pharma company is engaging in lies, manipulation, cover-up, and misinformation whenever it presents clinical trial data on safety or effectiveness for anything they are trying to market. After what we have witnessed the last 2 years, this has actually become a very reasonable proposition.

  2. Thank you for the time and effort to publish this data and create this website. There are many heroes in this fight against tyranny and genocide. Goliath will fall if a whole lot of Davids stand together.

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