Whereas previous posts dealing with symptoms related to the Covid-19 injections generally grouped specific VAERS symptoms into broader category groups for the sake of readability (and also left out some of the more common yet less serious symptoms), in this one we will simply provide a spreadsheet showing the raw counts for every symptom available in VAERS which has been linked to adverse event reports for the Covid-19 injections. You will be able to compare incidence rates as raw numbers or as annual averages for the Covid-19 injections vs. the all the other vaccines combined. There is also a multiplier column, which shows the multiplication factor that is needed to get from the annual incidence rate for the other vaccines to the annual incidence rate for the Covid-19 injections.

This spreadsheet can perhaps be helpful if one of your jabbed loved ones or friends may be experiencing a reaction from the Covid-19 injections, and you want to confirm and see if that specific symptom is represented in the universe of adverse events in VAERS for these shots, and if so, how often it has been reported. Note that there are two tabs: one for all events (US + Foreign), the other for US only. You can resize the columns, sort the data by columns, and do searches (Ctrl+F) directly in the window below, or you can just download the file and do what you please with it.

Data through 5/26/2023.

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