“A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request.”the CDC

As explained in this previous post, back in December ’21, the death record of a 2 year old boy from Alaska who received the Pfizer inoculation was completely covered up and hidden from ever being public released in VAERS.

Let’s review again exactly what happened, and then also summarize the implications that result from this incident:

  1. On the morning of Monday, 11/29/21, an independent VAERS analyst, Albert Benavides, downloaded the zip files containing the VAERS data for the week ending Friday 11/26 (VAERS releases new data files weekly on Fridays here). Note that the files were not actually available on Friday 11/26, likely due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
  2. He discovered what appeared to be an extra 14,529 records with dates on some of them that would imply that these records belong to the upcoming week’s release (12/3).
  3. After conferring with other independent VAERS analysts, it was concluded that indeed these 14,529 records were likely slotted to be released on 12/3, the upcoming Friday.
  4. Anyone else who subsequently attempted to download the VAERS data on 11/29 or later received data files that did not contain these 14,529 records. This indicates that the CDC/VAERS noticed their error rather quickly and replaced the data files so that the extra records were no longer in the download.
  5. After examining the 14,529 extra records, one record stood out to us as one to watch for in the next data release– the death record of a 2 year old from AK (VAERS_ID 1887456).
  6. Copies of the files containing the extra records were uploaded to the internet archive here to establish a public record with a date stamp of 11/29/21.
  7. On 12/3, sure enough the 14,529 records which were “previewed” on 11/29, were released as anticipated, with the exception of one record — the death record of a 2 year old boy from AK was missing. All of the other 14,528 records were accounted for in the 12/3 release. Notably, the records which were released on 12/3 were in exactly the same state as the records which were “previewed” on 11/29. None of the data in these records had changed.
  8. On 12/10 and subsequent weeks, this 2 year old’s record continued to be absent. To this day, record 1887456 has never been published. Nor has any other death record (with perhaps a different ID) matching the description of a 2 year old from Alaska receiving the Pfizer inoculation ever been published.
  9. If it had not been for the 11/29 “preview” of the 2 year old’s death record, no one outside of the CDC/VAERS would have known anything about it, since it was never officially published.

Based on the above, here are the implications:

  1. VAERS holds back information that is ready to publish. 14,529 records were ready for publishing on 11/29, but were not published until 12/3. This shows intentional throttling of data, and a lack of timeliness (or willingness?) in releasing data that is available to release on any given Friday.
  2. VAERS deliberately removes or prevents records from ever being publicly released. We do not know how many records are completely hidden from the public nor do we know how often they do this, but we do know for a fact that they actually do this. This is a far greater concern than the fact that they regularly remove some records that have previously been publicly released. Records which have been previously released, but which are subsequently removed can be tracked (see here, or use the superb “Wayback Machine” at medalerts.org).
  3. Based on this one example, we can conclude that it is certainly possible that VAERS is deliberately removing any records from ever being seen by the public that are clearly very incriminating. Is it just coincidence, that the record which the public would never have known about is the record of a 2 year old, who would have been ineligible to receive the Covid-19 inoculations (outside of a clinical trial)? And whom furthermore died within six hours of the inoculation in a horrible manner? Is this a form of silent censorship and gaslighting?

On Dec. 11th, Aaron Siri’s group was contacted (see below) and subsequently, on Dec. 16th, a FOIA request was submitted to the CDC regarding VAERS record 1887456.

On Feb. 14th, the CDC responded to the FOIA request stating: “A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request.”

Seriously? You’re joking, right CDC?

If there were any way to locate, reach out to, and speak to the family of this 2 year old, we can assume that a bombshell interview would ensue. LET US NOT FORGET this 2 year old boy from Alaska, who is a victim of the covid-19 inoculation program and whose life having been tragically snuffed out prematurely, is now having even the memory of him being desecrated through the gaslighting and memory-holing of the people at the CDC/VAERS.

Rest in Peace little one, May our righteous and angry God Almighty above have mercy on the souls who did this to you…

One thought on “***UPDATE on Death Record of 2-Year Old from Alaska SCRUBBED from VAERS***”
  1. Thank you Wayne. Very precise account of the timeline and what makes this record uniquely different then all other reports that have been “deleted” in the past. The toddler death is very sad in itself, but the implications of how many other legitimate reports that may never be published could be the silver bullet of the smoking gun!? I’ve started to say only after studying the weekly drops for months, that this ~1% under reporting factor Harvard Pilgrim study needs to be viewed in two distinct parts! The 1% URF that is reported “To VAERS” and the ~x% “VAERS REPORTS TO PUBLIC”!? Just begs the question of the ~50K “empty” ID#’s that have never been reported at all!! Sure many may still be in process, but the first half of those series of yet to be are now approaching a year old or older if they are actually still in a inventory of “to be processed”. Since I submitted a legitimate VAERS report myself, I know full well they issue a temp ID# and it must auto generate a soon to be permanent ID#. However, I had to send a separate email to info@cdc.gov to request my official ID# and report when it was to become finalized! Otherwise there is no confirmation given with out this special request. How many people and institutions are going to jump through that extra hoop of fire or even have the wisdom to know the difference? That means the CDC knows full well which reports are being monitored by the public and which are not and are just happy at the accomplishment of submitting a very cumbersome and time consuming report.

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