If it isn’t already obvious, the type of chart below strongly supports the idea of causality– VAERS shows a large percentage of deaths in very close proximity to the time of injection. Anyone who claims that the profile of the data below is random and indicates no causal link between the Covid injections and death must have missed Common Sense 101 class. The smooth curve below is exactly what you would expect to see if you injected a bunch of people with a toxic substance that could do harm both in the immediate-term (eg. anaphylactic shock) and over the long haul (eg. gradual micro-blood clotting all over the body). It is consistent with the mechanisms of action and injury associated with these shots, as fully explained by many other researchers.

In recent days, two whistleblowers have come out with death numbers related to these injections that are far above what is reported from VAERS (VAERS reports 13,068 deaths as of the 8/20/21 data release). This is expected, as it is widely known that only 1-10% of all adverse events from vaccines ever show up in VAERS. Further, there is strong support for the idea that the VAERS data is backlogged, throttled, or downright suppressed, as can be found on this site and elsewhere. The first whistleblower, who has access to the CMS (Medicare) system and whose sworn affadavit is part of the lawsuit filed recently by Thomas Renz here, claims there are 45,000 deaths within the first 3 days of injection (and according to Renz, that is a conservative figure). Keep in mind that this figure is probably a month old or more by now, and as time goes on and more people line up for the jabs, the figure can only continue to rise. The second whistleblower came forward very recently, and allegedly works for Pfizer. This information was relayed to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (see here) and the claim was 200,000 deaths within 7 days of injection.

So while these figures tell us how many deaths happened within the first 3 or 7 days, what about after that initial period of high deaths? How does this translate into total number of deaths cumulatively? Using the chart above, and assuming that we can use VAERS to approximate the cumulative percentages of deaths over time, we can estimate the answer:

Whistleblower 1— 45,000 deaths within the first 3 days of injection. According to the chart, 34.05% of all Covid injection related deaths happen within the first 3 days. Therefore, the estimated total number of deaths would be 45,000/.3405 => 132,159.

Whistleblower 2— 200,000 deaths within the first 7 days of injection. According to the chart, 49.12% of all Covid injection related deaths happen within the first 7 days. Therefore, the estimated total number of deaths would be 200,000/.4912 => 407,166.

Final Note: Apparently the CDC has about a dozen systems that track adverse events to vaccinations. VAERS is just one of them, and you have to wonder if it is also the one that is the least maintained. The CDC does have the real and complete data, but not for the public to see. All this approximating/estimating/guesstimating would be completely unnecessary if the CDC simply released all the information they have to the public, or at the very least, make it available to independent auditors. After all, it is in the best interest of public health, no?

To quote Thomas Renz: If you have nothing to hide, why are you hiding it???

8 thoughts on “Estimating the True Number of Total Deaths for the COVID-19 Vaccines Based on Whistleblowers+VAERS”
  1. …But no matter how many people are actually dying from the vaccine those of us who will not take it …will not be able to buy food anywhere in USA and perhaps the world

    1. There may still be private farmers (outside the normal food system) who will hopefully be in business and willing to sell to the unvaxxed. Being prepared to grow your own food is perhaps the best option.

    2. You have to prepare buy food now and store can goods extra or buy complete meals from 4Patriots Survival Foods. Also you can still buy online and pickup curbside. I am Retired and doing that right now. I am refusing to get the vaccinated. There are cures out there.

    3. yes you will. Grocery store will be open to you and if not, if it gets that bad, get someone to shop for you or order on line

    4. You have done the math incorrectly.
      Example: 50% of 100 apples is 100 X /100 or 50 Apples.
      You used 100/0.50 or 200 Apples.
      You should have done by 100X0.50 or 50 apples.

      1. My math is correct. According to VAERS for the covid jabs, 34.05% of vax deaths happen within the first 3 days of injection, that means 65.95% deaths occur after the first 3 days of injection. If you take 34.05% of my final number, 132,159, you get 45,000, which represents the vax deaths within the first 3 days of injection, which is what the whistleblower claims. If you take 65.95% of 132,159, you will get 87,159, which is the number of deaths after the first 3 days of injection. 45,000 + 87159 = 132159 total deaths

  2. So in reality this is nothing but the globalist population control maybe the population should start controlling the globalist control just saying…

  3. When meeting Gen Michael Hayden, Director CIA, when he was at that post he gave me a line that I wonder if it is applicable to VAERS. He said, “Here at the CIA we have nothing to hide…we’re full of secrets.”

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