The lack of autopsies being performed these days for those recently deceased presumably due to either Covid-19 or the Covid-19 injection should raise a serious red flag. The executive director of AAPS has said here that it is shocking that autopsies of fatalities potentially due to Covid-19 injections aren’t being demanded by our regulatory health agencies. To quote her: “It is not possible to declare a product safe and effective without obtaining direct evidence from potential victims.”

Autopsies are important for at least three reasons: 1) to thoroughly investigate and evaluate the extent of disease and discern true cause of death, 2) to evaluate the effectiveness of therapeutic procedures for the benefit of patient families and for the future practice of medicine, and 3) quality assurance –autopsies help to clarify or alter the clinical understanding of a particular case. One could easily argue that autopsies are even more important in today’s environment, in the middle of a “pandemic” of a “novel” virus in circulation for which we are treating people with an experimental medical product. In the interests of public health and science, doing autopsies would allow us greater insight into conquering the “dreaded” Covid-19 disease as well as lending support to prove that the injections are “safe and effective” after all.

So what possible explanation can there be for the reason why autopsies are not being done (for the most part)? Have our health agencies and healthcare systems simply reached the pinnacle of hubris in proclaiming that, without any autopsy investigations, each death attributed to Covid-19 is, with certainty, due to the Covid-19 virus? And that each death potentially related to the Covid-19 injection is with certainty, NOT caused by the injection? Or is it perhaps because we are afraid that medical examiners will be infected with Covid-19 from contact with a recently deceased person? How is that substantively different from medical professionals constantly coming in contact with Covid-19 patients? This argument falls flat on it’s face once you realize that the technology already exists to do robotic autopsies without direct contact with the body, as explained in Mathew Crawford’s article here: “The early rationale … is that examining the bodies was just too dangerous (but intubing them in an ICU isn’t?). This explanation doesn’t pass the sniff test once you understand that there is a two-decade old robotic autopsy industry. It is large enough to have an industry website. Even as of 2010, these robots performed “virtopsies” that included additional activities normally difficult in the usual autopsies. They can inject implants and other agents into the bloodstream to get a high resolution picture of what has actually gone on in the body.”

Does VAERS support the idea that autopsies are not being done as frequently as usual? Let’s take a look. All VAERS records are associated with one or more symptoms, which are stored in a separate table (but linked to the main VAERS table via a shared ID). Many VAERS records, are in fact linked to the symptom ‘autopsy’. A simple search for any VAERS record which is associated with the symptom ‘autopsy’ shows that 247 autopsies have been conducted on Covid-19 vax related deaths, while 1510 autopsies have been conducted on all other vax deaths since 1990. If we express these numbers as percentages of the number of total deaths, we have 1.9% of all Covid-19 vax related deaths ending up with an autopsy, while 17% of all non-Covid-19 vax related deaths ending up with an autopsy. So YES, based on this initial query, it appears that Covid-19 injection related deaths are almost 9 times less likely to end up being autopsied than all other vaccine related deaths since 1990.

However, to get a more complete answer, we also need to search the actual descriptive text for each VAERS record (SYMPTOM_TEXT field) for phrases that indicate an autopsy was done. This type of word/phrase pattern matching is not 100% guaranteed to be accurate, but is a decent approximation (accuracy depends on the level of effort expended to find specific word/phrase patterns which may be present in the VAERS data). After doing a somewhat thorough search of this kind, we can tally our final results in the table below:

Autopsy as a symptomDescription Search indicating
autopsy was performed
Total Deaths AutopsiedTotal Deaths% of Deaths Autopsied
Covid-19 Jab Deaths24749574213,0685.7%
All Other Vaccine Deaths151022217328,87119.5%
[Notes: (1) Many of the autopsied records also state that the results of the autopsies are actually pending or otherwise unavailable.
(2) We are obviously not including records which state that the autopsy status is unknown or something to that effect.]

Therefore, we can clearly see that during this Covid-19 era, there has been a large departure from the historic norm of autopsying around 20% of all vaccine-associated deaths. According to the VAERS data, the current autopsy rate for Covid-19 injection related deaths is almost 3.5 times less than the historic norm.

So here’s the question: Is this the result of neglectful dereliction of duty, or of regulatory and healthcare system hubris, or perhaps a concerted effort to hide and suppress some inconvenient truths?

Despite all this, there are at least a couple mentions of autopsies being performed on the Covid-19-injection deceased (see here and here. Perhaps autopsies can become a thing again and then be used to definitively answer whether or not the Covid jabs are causally related to the numerous subsequent deaths?

One last thing, shout out to reader Ben Haskell for prompting the idea to check out autopsies…Thanks Ben!

4 thoughts on “Why Are Autopsies Barely Being Done?”
  1. Thank you for doing this work. The public has access to the VAERS information, but you synthesize data for easy reading. Awesome!! Keep up the good work.

  2. I don’t trust any website or medical organization that is influenced by political and monetary gain. I’ve lost faith in our country’s ethical standards. Years ago, the Hypocratic Oath was rewritten to benefit only Big Pharma and whoever is in bed with them politically and financially. Do you really think that anyone believes your statistics. I sure don’t.

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